Friday, December 4, 2009

A Mental Mind Fuck Can Be Nice

It was Tuesday afternoon. I was home playing some weird porn videogame from Korea. You strap your game controller to a lubricated fuckstick so that when you jack off, it fucks girls in the game. The goal is to bring as many to orgasm as you can without losing your erection. My record was 12 girls, and I was trying to "beat it." It's not easy, because the girls keep getting sexier voices, and bigger and bouncier tits the farther you get. Anyway, the phone rings. The game won't let you pause, because that's like cheating. So, fuck it, I answer, and keep banging the fuckstick.

"Yeah?" I grunted.

"Uh, hi... is this Lambert?" It's some chick.

"Yeah." More grunting.

"Yeah... My name is Serena, I'm a friend of Rachel's."

So what? I think. Pump, pump, pump.

"Yeah, I don't know how to ask this. I met you at a party last year, you probably don't remember me... "

"No." The girl on the screen is getting fucked doggy style, and her tits are bouncing back and forth as she moans.

"Yeah, well, Rachel's told me a lot about you." She sounded kind of cold and pissed off.

"Yeah?" Ha... I bet she hasn't told you everything.

"Rachel says that, uh, you're into kinky stuff."

Okay... now this one has my attention. The girl on the screen suddenly howls with ecstasy, and I've beaten my record. Panting, I say, "What did you have in mind?" and flip off the game.

"My God, are you fucking someone right now?" I guess I had the TV pretty loud. "Anyway, I'm looking for help with something very special."

"How special?"

"You'll see when you get here. Come by at ten tonight. 540 Barnswallow Road, Apartment 6."

"Hm. Maybe." I hung up.

What the hell was this? Some kind of weird trap? A joke? Some crazy bitch? I better call Rachel. I dial, she picks up.

"Rachel, it's me, Lambert."

"No Lambert. Not today." That's Rachel, right to the point.

"As much as I love your sweet pussy, it's not what I'm calling about. I'm calling about your friend's pussy. Some chick named Serena."

"Serena? Ha! Good luck with that! She hates men!"

"She's a dyke?"

"Ha! No way! Serena's not patient enough for men or women. That girl only gets off on machines."

"Like, vibrators?"

"Ha! She stopped using vibrators when she was fourteen. Her whole life is like some scientific quest for the perfect orgasm. She has, I don't know, all kinds of gadgets and contraptions. Robot ass hamsters, psychedelic stimulators, nipple massagers, stuff I've never heard of. What does she want with you?"

"She says you told her about me, and she needs someone for something very special."

"Well, unless you are some kind of cyborg, I can't imagine what she... Oh shit... wait."


"Oh, shit. I remember her talking about this. She talks endlessly about her crazy orgasm machines. Lambert, don't go."

"What? Why not?"

"She's fucking crazy. She's going to want you to do something that might kill her."

"What, some asphyxiation deal?"

"Oh, shit no. She eats autoerotic asphyxiation for breakfast. Oh fuck, Lambert, just don't go over there. She's crazy. She's totally emotionless, she's not even hot. And if you kill her, you'll get the chair. It won't be worth it."

"What are you gonna do to stop me?"

"Ha!" she laughed. "Ha, ha. Like I could stop Lambert Devine from fucking something. Like that time you just *had* to fuck the cow *and* the milking machine. You're lucky you got to keep your dick. Anyway, whatever. You wanna kill that crazy bitch, that's your business."

What the fuck? I hung up. Sounds like some strange shit. Probably something with knives, maybe she's a cutter. I don't want any part of that. Anyway, I was pretty tired, and after a few minutes of TV, I fell asleep. Pretty soon, I'm having some weird dream where my arms and legs are cramping, and I can't move. Slowly, I start to wake up, and what the fuck?! I'm naked, tied to some kind of wooden torture board, spread eagled against the wall in some dark place that smells like lube and machine oil and... cinnamon? I hear clicking at a keyboard. My head is pounding, and I grunt a little.

I hear Serena's voice from behind some stacked electronic equipment. "Oh, good, you're awake."

"What the fuck is going on here?" I shout at her, through my grogginess.

She walks over where I can see her. She's a short girl, mid twenties, maybe, short brown hair, oval horn rimmed glasses, a little plump. She seems to be wearing just a bathrobe. "Hi Lambert," she says, kind of coldly. "Sorry I had to do this. I heard your phone call with Rachel."

"What? How?"

"I'm a hacker. I figured you might call someone, so I tapped into your phone. I've been listening to your calls for a week or two, trying to figure out if you were dangerous, or just a pervert. You're just a pervert."

"Well, what the hell! So you kidnapped me?"

"Rachel doesn't know what she's talking about. I've been planning this for a while, and I need to get fucked tonight."

"Yeah, I know how that is."

"Yeah, I doubt it. See, the female ovarian cycle has overlapping subcycles. The peaks align only once every thirty-six months. Tonight is my peak orgasm opportunity for another three years."

"Is your plan to bore me to death?"

"No, the plan is for you to bore me almost to death."

"What? What the hell? Am I supposed to operate some machine? How can I do that if I'm tied up?"

"No, believe me, if a machine could do this job, I'd let it. But it's too dangerous, and it won't be pleasureable enough."

"Ah, I get it. You just need a good old fashioned fucking. Well, bitch, have no fear, I'll pound you into the ground. You didn't have to tie me up for that."

"Ha. You're cute. No, I've had men and women pound me in every hole, but I found out long ago that machines do a much better job at fucking a pussy."

"So... If I'm not going to fuck your pussy, then, what, anal sex?"

"No, neural. You're going to fuck my brain."

"What the hell are you talking about? Some cybersex bullshit?"

"No, Lambert. I need you to fuck my fourth hole. See, the clit and the g-spot have a lot of pleasure nerves, but they are far away from where the real action happens. The real action happens in the brain. You're going to fuck my data port."

Oh shit. I'd heard there were people out there who had surgery that let them jack their brains right into computers and the Internet and all that. Mostly jet pilots who needed to control planes with tremendous precision. But I'd heard there were people who did it for fucked up reasons, too.

"See, I've programmed my dataport to connect all the surface brain nerves to the pleasure centers of my brain in the nucleus accumbens. Combine the multitude of short neural pathways with the active pheromones from a real human cock, on the evening of peak overlap..." She was talking faster now. She seemed kind of excited, in a cold, emotionless way. "... and you get the greatest orgasm a human could possibly experience."

What the hell is she talking about? "So, I'm going to fuck your computer?"

"No, stupid. You're going to fuck this." She turned around, flipped up her hair in the back, and bent her head down. In the back of her head, in the middle of her skull was a silver ring. She did something and it sphinctered open, and I could see pink and white stuff glistening within. Holy shit. This girl was insane.

"Close that shit! It's like looking at an open wound! You're crazy! First of all, Rachel's right -- that would kill you, and I'd be stuck with a murder rap. Second of all, I can think of nothing less appealing than sticking my dick into your cyberhole. And third, I don't know, but get me the hell out of here."

She closed the skull sphincter and dropped her hair back down, and turned around and smiled. It was the creepiest smile I've ever seen. "Rachel doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. I had brain surgery when I was a kid. I lost some emotional parts, and I lost my corpus collossum. So, there's just enough room in there for your cock, I've measured. I'm not the kind of person who has mistakes in her plans. The brain surgery left me kind of ... detail-oriented. I can't feel a lot of the pleasures in life, like laughter, or the taste of food, but there is one pleasure I feel deeply."

Yeah. That's crazy talk. I know crazy talk when I hear it. "Well," I said, "That doesn't change the fact that I can't fuck you without a boner, and there is no way I'm getting one thinking about fucking the inside of your head." I looked down at my limp cock.

"You would have a point," she said, "but you forgot one thing." She flicked a switch that cast a pinkish-orange light on her, and dropped her bathrobe to the floor. "You're a man." She put her hand on her hips, stuck out her chest, bit her lip, and tilted her hips. She was, without a doubt, a foxy chick. Her tits alone were giving me a boner. She sidled over, and started to rub her chest against mine, breathed hot breath on my neck, and gently glided her fingertips over my cock and balls. "You know you want me," she whispered. "Every man wants to make a woman happy. Won't you make me happy, Lambert?" She said in a little girl voice. She grabbed onto special handholds on the wall, and flipped the board back, so it was like I was lying on a table. She straddling me. The lighting made her look even sexier than she already was. She brought her pussy up near my face. "Smell that, Lambert. It only smells that way once every three years." The smell of her wide open pussy filled my nostrils, and damn if she wasn't right. I never smelled anything that made me so horny. "Go on. Have a taste." She put it right in my face, and so, I figured, what the hell? Maybe this is all a tease, and she just wants a regular fuck. These nerd girls are into all kinds of mind games. Some motorized thing in the table tilted my head back, at the perfect angle for eating her pussy, and for looking up at her tits as she straddled my face, so I got down on it. "oooo..." she said, "that's good. Trust a perv to know how to eat pussy." I stayed there for a while, because the scent and taste of her pussy were mind-blowing, like eating ten pussies at once. She started to puff and moan, and the table started to bounce my head in some kind of rhythmic way, and I felt her clench for an orgasm. Her body was starting to glisten a little with sweat now. "Woooff," she said, "you're not bad at this." Now she turned her attention to my cock. "Oh yes," she said, "let's see what it's like having this inside me..." she turned around, and putting her belly against my chest, she leaned over putting her pussy in front of my face again, just upside down this time. That motor thing in the table lifted my head up again at the right angle to eat her pussy, and she inhaled my cock. I don't know exactly what she was doing down there, but it felt like a scientifically precise blow job. The table motor pressed my face back into her cunt, and I started licking again. I could feel another motor under my ass slowly, rhythmically pumping my cock into her mouth, too. I mean, I've done sixty-nine hundreds of times, and usually it's kind of hard on the neck and the back. This was like sixty-nining an angel on a cloud while another angel massaged your balls. After what seemed like an infinite, delicious eternity, I realized I was going to come, and so was she. I came deep into her throat, and she jerked her pussy around, smearing it all over my face. "Whew..." she said, sitting up. "Not bad. Ingesting semen activates female erogenous zones, you know. And I can tell, you've got even more in you." My cock was definitely flagging at this point, but she rubbed her breasts in my face, and as I sucked them, my cock hardened again. "Ooooo.... that's nice," she said, sliding some kind of metal ring over my cock, and then and slid her pussy on top of me, as the motor under my ass tipped me up into position. There were special indentations in the tables for her knees, and special handgrips that she was hanging onto, as she started to fuck me on top like some kind of wild woman. The motor under my ass was making me buck like a mechanical bull in this 1, 2, 3, slam, 1, 2, 3, slam kind of motion. Damn, I had to get one of these things. As she bounced and pounded on my cock, her tits and hair bouncing wildly, she had her eyes clenched tightly closed, and she seemed to be doing some kind of breathing exercise. She was also squeezing her cunt in rhythm with the table in some way that made her pussy feel incredibly tight. Just then, that metal ring, which had slid to the base of my cock started to buzz wildly, so that every time my cock pushed to the back of her vagina, she got a buzz on her clit. Damn. This chick was crazy.

"Okay," she said, continuing to ride my cock, hard, "we've... had... enough... foreplay... I'm... primed...." the motors pumping me into her (not that I needed the motors to want to fuck this pussy) slowed to a stop. She climbed off of me, and off the table, and grabbed my cock, and then pulled out a fucking *ruler* to measure it! "Yes... yes, that's perfect." She put the ruler aside, and pulled some lever that flipped the table back against the wall, so that I was vertical again. We were both still breathing hard from the fucking, and I was frustrated by this coitus interruptus. On the floor, between my legs, was some weird machine. It took me a minute to recognize it as some kind of modified "sybian", like I'd seen in porn videos... some kind of electronic cock for women to ride. She climbed on top of it, putting her pussy lips against the tip of its nubbed surface. There were special handholds on the wall to the far left and right, that looked new, like they'd never been used. She grabbed these, So that now I was looking down at the top of her head as she squatted over this fucking machine. The handholds made her arms spreadeagle, which pushed her tits out to maximum advantage. She looked up at me. "Lambert, I've prepared for this a long time. It means a lot to me. Fuck my brain, okay?"

I don't know what came over me at that moment. She was like some lost little girl. "I...I will," I said. I heard a click, and the handholds closed over hands tightly, pulling her back against my thighs, and the sphincter on the back of her head slid open. She positioned her head in place, and the motor that had been driving me all night thrust my already lubricated cock into the hole in the back of her head at the same moment that she sunk down onto the sybian. I could see that she had wires everywhere, and some computer was monitoring everything that was going on. The inside of her head was incredibly hot, and her brains squeezed against my cock like nothing I'd ever felt. I could feel the folds of her brain tissue rubbing against my cock as it slid in and out, pushing through the space between the two halves of her brain. Her mouth was open wide, as if in horror, and with each thrust, her eyes would bug out of her head in a way that should have been horrifying, but somehow I found it incredibly erotic. She was breathing incredibly hard, and a low sound started to come from her, like the single note of a musical instrument. I kept pumping like mad, and the moan, or whatever, got louder and louder, turning into some kind of scream, and her whole body started to tense and vibrate in some kind of seizure. I could feel my cock banging into the front of her skull again and again, as her neck bounced her head back against my cock, faster and faster. Suddenly her moan got so high pitched I couldn't hear it anymore as the sybian pounded at full blast, and she slammed her head back against my cock so hard that her eyeballs were pushed almost entirely out of her head, and every muscle in her body tensed up as I came into her frontal lobe.

The handholds released, and she collapsed onto the floor, a long strand of some weird bloody goo stretching from my cock down to the gaping hole in the back of her head. As I panted and trembled, I looked down at her limp body, sure that she was dead, and realizing that, pinned to the wall here, I was trapped, and would surely fry for this.

Then, suddenly, I saw her body give a little tremble, and start to move. "Guh... buh...." she said, and fell, trying to get up. With some effort, she rolled over, and looked up at me. I could see my cum leaking from her eyeballs like tears.

With great difficulty, she said, "Thank... you... Lambert."