Saturday, October 3, 2009

Little Juliet

We all do some things we're not proud of. One of mine is following high school girls. I've been out of that place for years, but damn, some of those girls are just so hot, I always find myself driving by when school lets out, to check out the new talent. I like all the girls, but it's the hardcore sluts that fascinate me the most. Every year, there a few girls who "discover" the wooded area behind the school, which is a place that high school kids have been fucking probably since the beginning of time. I practically owned that place when I was sixteen, but now I just spy on it. There is an old dirt road that leads to it the other way, where I can park my convertible, and get a good look at that filthy old matress if I bring my binoculars. And there is this one girl, damn, who is back there every Friday, each time with some different guy. She's made quite a business of it -- she takes the cash up front, but damn, then she fucks their brains out. There are lots of whores who are just doing it for the money... not this chick. She LOVES getting fucked, and I love watching her do it.

So, one Friday, I pull my old convertible into its regular spot at 2pm. School lets out at 2:05, and I know that she'll be there at 2:10, no doubt. I'm already hard just thinking about watching her, so I loosen my belt, and start rubbing my cock. I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I crack open a fifth of Jack Daniels, and take a few hits while I wait. Like clockwork, there she is. She's got bright orange hair, in long floppy ringlets, going halfway down her back. She's got these big sunglasses, and is wearing a red skirt, and some kind of school jacket. She's leading some nervous looking tenth grader -- a skinny kid who can barely fill out his brand new varsity jacket. She seems to have a thing with guys from the basketball team, but I've seen her out there with all kinds of guys. I'm not sure why it's only on Fridays, but I don't ask questions. She's showing him around (not that there's much to see... that old matress, a beat up lawn chair, and some old beer cans in a grove of trees and bushes) She gives him a big kiss, and wraps her body around him, writhing seductively. This is her signature move, and I love seeing it, every time -- she does it right before my favorite part -- the negotiation! I don't know what she tells these guys -- but whatever price she gives them beforehand, she always raises it now. She never mentions the price until she's given that big kiss and felt their erection. I mean, I can't hear from so far away, but you can tell just by looking. The guy always acts surprised, and starts to act like he's going to go, and then she turns away, and says something... I used to wonder what, but then I figured it out. She leads them out there with the promise of a blow job, then raises her price to the breaking point, and just as they are teetering on the edge, she turns away, and says, "I'll let you fuck me..." and that changes everything. And it does now. The nervous kid freezes in his tracks, and his eyes widen a little. "Oh....okay," he says, and she turns around gleeful, and coy, and takes all the money he has in his wallet. This little ritual over, the show begins. She sits him down in the lawn chair, and starts stripping down. It's exciting to watch her work, because she loves doing it so much. She starts by kicking off her shoes, and putting her sunglasses aside, and then, knowing that high school boys care way more about tits than ass, she turns away, and unbuttons her shirt. Underneath she has a purple lacy bra that looks great against her porcelain skin. She faces me as she puts the shirt aside, with her back to the kid, and takes a deep breath, to stick her chest out. Then she whirls around, with a flip of her hair, and points her chest right at him. They exchange some words. She's probably saying, "What do you think?" Because the guy always makes some nervous reply. And he should be nervous, because that is one serious rack on that girl. It's a balcony you could do Shakespeare from. Heh -- that's why I call her what I call her: Juliet. Anyway, Juliet is assuming her sexiest stance on the matress, while he shifts uncomfortably in the chair, and then she blows his mind. Quick as a wink, she flips her arms back to unhook her bra, and shakes it off, holding in high in her right hand, giving him a full view of her boobs. And this time, (like every time!) his eyes go wide as saucers. She says a few more things, and gives a seductive wiggle. Then she wiggles right out of her skirt and panties, and goes right up to him. Hands on either side of the lawn chair, she puts her tits to his face, and makes his dreams come true. From where I am I can see her bent over his chair, and I think how nice it would be to mount her from behind. But before long, she crouches down, slowly, and undoes his belt, takes out his cock and starts to give him the blowjob of his life. That's not saying much, since it's almost surely the first blowjob of his life, but I can see in his face that if he died right now, he wouldn't mind so much. She bobs that head over his cock to beat the band. I have a huge erection, but haven't touched myself yet, because I know what's coming. I take another swig at the JD, though, and take out my "vagina-in-a-bottle". This is some weird sex toy that Rachel brought me back from Japan. It looks like a flashlight, but when you screw off the top, there is a soft rubber vagina inside. I don't always use it when I jack off -- lately I save it only for when I'm watching Juliet in action. While Juliet keeps sucking that kid's tool, I lube up "little Juliet" with a little bottle of "Rachel's special lube". I don't know what the hell is in it, but it smells like cotton candy, and makes the rubber pussy feel like a real pussy, if a real pussy could give you little electric shocks. It's hard to describe, but it's awesome.

Anyway, the show continues, like it always does. That girl keeps on sucking and sucking like a machine, until the boy starts lurching with orgasm, and to her credit, Juliet always swallows every drop. I used to wonder why, but now I think I get it -- she likes to get one bullet out of the chamber so that she has a better chance of being fucked to orgasm on the second go round. I'm not sure I've ever seen a high school girl who loves being fucked as much as this one does.

So, the guy is clearly exhausted, and nervous, but Juliet pulls her head up from his cock. Licks her lips, and smiles at him. She pushes his head back and gives him a deep kiss, and I can see from his slight revulsion that she has given him a "snowball", or at least part of one. I guess she didn't swallow it all. He's not sure what to do now... but she is. She slides his pants down, unties his shoes, and standing him up, peels his shirt and jacket off his body, so he's as naked as she is. She kisses him and rubs him until he is hard again, which at his age, doesn't take long. Then, she lies him down on the matress, and sucks him a little more. When she thinks he's hard enough, she climbs on top of him, with this cat that ate the canary smile. And this is the moment I wait for. Just as she lowers her pussy down onto his cock, I'll slide "little Juliet" onto mine. The viewing angle is absolutely perfect. His head points toward me, and his feet point away, and I know I'll be able to see every bounce of those amazing tits as she fucks her way to ecstasy. And damn, you can tell that she loves this part. Most days, even though they are pretty far off, I can hear her moans of pleasure through the woods.

But not today. No, today was different. Today, at the key moment, my phone rings. Normally, I don't even carry the thing, and when I do, it's not on. And when it rings, I normally ignore it. But, I don't exactly want to get caught here in the woods with my pants around my ankles, spying on underage kids. So, I answer it quick, whispering an irritated "what?"

"Lambert? This is Rachel. Why are you whispering? You sound like the sex offender you are."

"Do you need something, Rachel? I'm kind of busy." Fortunately for me, there has been some kind of incident down on the matress... I think it's someone's first time putting on a condom, so I haven't missed my favorite moment.

"Yeah, well, it's Jason. We had a fight, and he's gone."

"Like, gone down to the corner gone?"

"No, like on the plane to Australia to visit his other woman gone."



"So, what do you want from me? I hope it's not a shoulder to cry on, because you know I'm not good at that sensitivity bullshit."

She laughed. "Hell, no. Do you take me for some kind of idiot? Tell my troubles to Lambert Devine? The most uncaring man on this planet, or any other? No, Lambert, I have girlfriends for that sissy stuff. Tonight, I want to get drunk, and get fucked, and I know I can count on you for both."

I looked down at my erect cock, at "little Juliet", and sighed at the sight of big Juliet -- some strange turn of events had happened down on the matress. Juliet was standing up, legs spread, and the boy was on his knees. One of her hands was on his shoulder, and the other was rubbing her tit, and he was licking her pussy as she panted and clenched her teeth.

"Rachel, you have the distinction of being the only woman who understands me. I'll be right over."

But first, of course, I fucked little Juliet til I came like a tenth grader.

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  1. You are one perverted bastard. Keep up the great work. You're writing is very good, artistic and it flows well. You have a great imagination, keep on wet dreamin'.