Friday, December 26, 2008


It started one night, simple -- like nothing, like breathing. I was watching TV in my apartment -- tired from work, but not too tired. I had ordered a pepperoni pizza, and it sat on the coffee table. I was really hungry, but I didn't feel like eating for some reason. I was watching some Doris Day movie. And it was right then, that time stopped, and I inhaled the molecule, or the spore, or whatever. Suddenly everything had a certain clarity, like I was just waking up for the first time. Everything was exactly the same, but I could see everything clearly in a way I couldn't before. It was like the world was like water, and everything was possible -- nothing was in the way anymore. The TV kept on, like nothing was different. But I knew that it was. Doris Day was arranging flowers, and telling some story to someone else without looking at them. I stood up. "Doris," I said, "come out here." And just like that, she stepped out of the television, and stood before me, completely naked. Nothing at all seemed strange about this to me. The scene on the TV, with the flowers, just sat there waiting for her, just another room.

Naked Doris Day said, "What is it, Lambert? What do you want?" I looked her in the eye like some kind of devil, and said, "Doris, I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked in your life. It's going to be so powerful you may lose you mind. And, I'm going to do it... through this pizza."

She smiled wryly, cocked her hips, raised an eyebrow, and said, "I'd like that." The television was now some kind of thick, white mattress, that slanted at a convenient angle. Doris bent over and arched her back, and looking back at me, waggled her cunt and said "Come on." I grabbed her and roughly flipped her over onto her back, and took the pizza, which was now large and rectangular, and slapped it onto her like a blanket, cheese side up. The pizza covered her from her thighs to her neck. Completely naked myself, I dived on top of her, slamming my rock-hard dick through the greasy pizza blanket, deep into her. Shouting with surprise, shock, and pain at first, Doris' voice quickly gave over to loud gasps and moans of pleasure as I slammed into her, over and over, lubricated by a mix of cheese, tomato sauce, and her juicy cunt. Everything was so slippery, that holding on was a challenge -- she wrapped her legs around my back, and I held her wrists tightly with each hand, as I repeated the slap, slap, slap of me against her. We were both incredibly oily from the pizza, especially me, since I was on the cheese side. The crust was right at her mouth, and as she panted and groaned, she suddenly strained with effort, gave her pussy a tremendous squeeze, and then tore off a huge bite of pizza crust with her teeth. She started to chew it, and I put my mouth on hers, and she pushed a wad of crust deep into my mouth with her tongue. We alternated this back and forth of chewing, kissing, and passing of pizza cud, and with each pass, the mass became sweeter. Finally we swallowed it, and unable to restrain my self, I took a huge bite of pizza over her left breast, my greasy lips sliding over her nipple as I did so. I quickly chewed it, and then forced it into her mouth, and recommenced sucking her breast, which was so smooth and delicious, I thought I was going to die. Overwhelmed with feeling, I withdrew from her, and immediately she shouted, "No!" but I quickly repositioned, and burying my face in the hole my cock had made in the pizza, started licking her sweet vagina right through the pizza. I had positioned myself so that my cock was dangling right over her face, and she leaned up to put her lips around it. I thrust my cock deep into her throat, and she hummed with pleasure. As I licked her pussy and fucked her mouth, I could feel the mass of chewed pizza in her mouth still swirling around my cock. A piece of pepperoni was just above her clit, and each time I flicked it with my tongue, I got a taste of delicious spice. Meanwhile, she was sucking my cock for all she was worth, until I couldn't take it any more, and I ejaculated buttery, milky white sauce all over her. We both lay there, exhausted, the pizza torn to shreds.

Suddenly I awoke, and all was as before. Movie on TV, pizza on the table. But it was not a dream. It happened. I know it happened. I know, because I am Lambert Devine, and I am going to fuck the world.